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Karachi Hub Water Canal Project - Hub Canal


Project aims to rehabilitate 22.4 km stretch of Karachi Water Canal from head regulator to end point in Karachi West. The project includes upgradation/rehabilitation of pumping station, filtration plant, solar PV plant, installation of SCADA metering and automation system and rehabilitation of half the canal and replacement of remainder with a pipeline structure.


Project Benefits
- Provision of 100 MGD of filtered potable water to Karachi West. - To rehabilitate the Karachi Hub Water Canal system which is currently in a dilapidated state. - To bring about efficiencies into the system led by i) lower water losses, and ii) operational savings due to provision of renewable electricity and installation of efficient machinery.

Transaction Advisor
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has been appointed to act as transaction advisor for the project. Subsequently, IFC appointed local and international consultants for the project including TYPSA, Halcrow Pakistan & HMCO.


- The feasibility study for the project has been completed
- The project has been approved by the KW&SB as well as the PPP Policy Board
- Currently, the project is in investor solicitation phase. The prequalification documents were issued in September 2021 with a submission deadline of 22nd October, 2021, which was subsequently extended to 22nd November, 2021.

Karachi Hub Water Canal Project



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