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Teachers Training Institute - Hussainabad - TTIC


Improve the functioning of TTIC Hussainabad by introducing innovations, modernizing the education system, addressing management gaps, maintaining and upgrading the Institutes' building and facilities, and cooperatively working along with teachers, Institutes' staff, Institutes' management committees, surrounding communities and all relevant tiers of the Authority. Furthermore, below given are summarized project benefits/outcomes:

  • Produce high quality Graduates of Education subject
  • Improve quality of education
  • Capacity building of existing in-service teaching staff
  • Development of MIS system
  • Improved TTIC governance and management
  • Improved engagement with community and parents
  • Enrollment at optimum level
  • Totally free education - no tuition or any other fee can be charged
  • Job protection of Government staff remains intact


Installation Period (10 months)
Installation works includes but not limited to rehabilitation & revamping of physical infrastructure of the institute and providing furniture, equipment, MIS, hiring of administrators & staff, setting-up labs, computer labs and subscription of international journals for research work.

O&M Period (10 years from completion of Installation works)

  • Management and operations & maintenance of the institute in the same condition in which the institute is immediately post Installation period
  • Equip all graduates with the professional knowledge and skills
  • Establish a comprehensive Management system to manage administrative and academic functions of the GECE
  • Equip all GECE graduates with the professional knowledge and skills
  • Hiring and utilizing the teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Introduce innovative approaches through technology use for the students and faculty;
  • Keeping the Institute(s) safe and secure at all times;
  • Providing and maintaining appropriate comprehensive insurance at all times;
  • Paying and keep paid up all utility bills at all times, keeping in view the efficient utilization of the utilities;
  • Generally maintaining the sports equipment, utilities, landscaping, software, teacher resources
  • Generally taking all the steps to achieve the objectives of the Project


Unsolicited proposal has been received by the Education department which is under evaluation and is being considered under PPP mode. The same was placed before the Policy Board during its 20th Meeting on March 8, 2017 and has been approved for investor solicitation. Further the Policy Board has advised to initiate private partner solicitation for a teachers training institute per district including Professional Development Center. Transaction advisory being conducted. The project is expected to be launched by May / June 2018.




The PPP Policy Board in its 27th meeting held on 13th December 2018 approved the Project.


The Project was launched for investor solicitation in May 2018 in pursuance to SPP rules 2010. Since the project was initiated based on unsolicited proposal from "Durbeen", the pre-qualification process was initiated.

Subsequently, RFP was issued to sole bidder i.e. Durbeen on 30th May 2018. The procurement process was concluded in November 2018.


Independent Expert Firm: AASA Consulting
Independent Auditor: A.F. Ferguson Chartered Accountants


The substantial completion of installation works completed by Durbeen on 15th July 2020 and the TTIC Hussainabad is under operational phase with achievement of KPIs successfully todate.



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