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Dhabeji Industrial Park - DIP


Investments Department, Government of Sindh (previously SBI) has conceptualized the setting up of a special economic zone in Sindh at the Dhabeji, Thatta comprising of fifteen hundred and thirty (1,530) acres of land under the Special Economic Zone Act 2012. For this purpose, the department engaged a consortium of consultants comprised of M/s.Osmani & Company, EY Ford Rhodes, IBA Karachi and RIAA Barker Gillette. The consultants have completed a detailed feasibility study and prepared a master plan of DSEZ in May 2018.

Followed by it, the project proposal was presented to the PPP Policy Board in its 26th meeting. In the meeting, PPP Policy Board approved the project along with the proposed transaction structure. The support from PDF for Transaction Advisory Services was also approved in the meeting. The department has engaged transaction advisors (a consortium of EY Ford Rhodes, RIAA Barker and EA Consulting) and the consultancy agreement was executed in November 2018.


Sindh Economic Zone Management Company (SEZMC), with assistance of transaction advisors, has developed and launched Dhebeji SEZ Project. The bidding package package (RFP, draft Concession Agreement and the required maps and designs) for the Project were originally uploaded during November 2019. Following dialogue with the interested parties in investor conference and pre-bid meetings, SEZMC has recently revised the bidding package and uploaded the same on 18th February 2020. Furthermore, bid submission deadline has also been extended to 20th April 2020.



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Revised Bidding Package - Dhabeji SEZMC 19-02-2020
Dhabeji Industrial Park - Bidding Package 04-11-2019

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