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The Information, Science & Technology (IST) Department, Government of Sindh conceived the Arfa Karim IT City Project under public private partnership (PPP) mode. The Arfa Karim IT City Project will help share the Government of Sindh's IT vision with the IT industry and the general public.

Due to the development and advancement in the global ICT (Information Communications Technology) industry businesses compete globally and often seek competitive advantage by setting up offices and subsidiaries in new countries that offer favorable environmental factors including: access to research & development skills, low costs of living, work, play, learn lifestyles for their employees.

The "IT City" is the Government of Sindh's "ICT Center" that is tasked with attracting global knowledge-work in business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and IT Enabled Services. The IT City will benefit from being located on the Link Road in the Education City, Deh Chohar, given the synergies that occur when knowledge-based industry locates next to academic institutions. The IT City will also cater to other sectors who wish to locate operations in modern, built-to-suit facilities enabling and empowering knowledge workers.

An area of land approximately on 200 acres in two 100 acre parcels on the Link Road (M9-N5) in Deh Choohar popularly known as Education City. The Education City is a Government of Sindh project (comprised of educational Institutes and Universities), for the development of a balanced master-planned community. The overall planned area will be developed on a public private partnership (PPP) basis. Government of Sindh shall provide the land as may be available on the terms and conditions as may be specified by Government of Sindh and the Private Partner shall undertake the planning, designing, financing, constructing, marketing & selling and development management of the area.

It is in this background that the Arfa Karim IT City Project is being proposed for conducting a feasibility that should include all ancillary matters pertaining to the project.


Government of Sindh desires to achieve following objectives from this Arfa Karim IT City Project:

i. Providing international standard IT facilities within ONE boundary.
ii. Up-grading Brand "Pakistan" on an international IT map.
iii. Promotion of software exports from Pakistan.
iv. Attracting foreign investment & technology transfer.
v. Eradication of current large scale unemployment.
vi. Development & training of qualified IT manpower.
vii. Earning of valuable foreign exchange by combined marketing & subsequent delivery of IT solutions.


EY Ford Rhodes (Lead, Financial & IT Consultants), Osmani & Company (Technical Consultants) and Haidermota & Co (Legal Consultants)



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Arfa Karim IT City Project EOI Document 30-12-2017
Request for Proposal (RFP) of Arfa Karim IT City 30-06-2017

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