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Performance Based Management Contracts - PBMC-Health


The objective of the project is to handover public health facilities to credible health management organizations to efficiently operate and maintain the facilities. Improve health care facilities for in-patients and out-patient services.


  • Significantly improve the coverage and utilization of services, quality of care, by implementing the Quality Standards of Health Department as agreed Quality Indicators and to provide equitable access of services to the population.
  • Ensure achievement of KPIs and other performance standards as set out in the agreement
  • Ensure that communities are increasingly involved and satisfied with publicly financed health services and facilitate the community's participation in the design, delivery, and evaluation of health services.
  • Build the capacity of health workers so that they can provide better services to the community within the available budget specified for the purpose.

  • DHQ Badin
  • Thatta and Sujawal (8 RHCs, 4 THQs and 1 DHQ)
  • District Malir, Karachi (24 BHU, 3 RHC, 5 MCH and 2 THQ)
  • 20 various districts of Sindh (105 RHCs and 6 THQs)
  • Sindh Ambulance Service for District Thatta and Sujawal


Government of Sindh has contracted out government health facilities across the province, including District Headquarters (DHQs), Taluqa Headquarters (THQs) and Regional Health Centers (RHCs). The government awarded the performance based management and services contracts to the nationally and internationally accredited organizations. The transparent process was concluded with the assistance of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Node of Health Department and signing of the Management Contracting Out agreements executed in March 2015 with a term of 10 years. In the first phase agreements were with five organizations for the following regions in Sindh:

i.DHQ Badin (Dist; Badin)
ii.Rural Health Centers All (except RHCs at Thatta and Sujawal), THQ Nawabshah, Larkana and Naushero Feroze
iii.Sindh Ambulance Service (All Districts) Starting with District Thatta and Sujawal.
iv.RHCs/ THQ/ DHQ Thatta, Sujawal
v.Bin Qasim, Gadap Town (All Units), DHQ Khairpur

The organizations have agreed to perform on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their performance will be measured and assessed by the third party monitoring mechanism. The Partner Entity will also be responsible for ensuring the availability of basic equipment, furniture and fixture in line with the services provided by the Unit/ Facility.


Management Contract - operational budget disbursement to private party


The PPP Policy Board in its 12th meeting held on 12th September 2014 under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Sindh, approved the private partner solicitation for the Project.

Subsequently, the PPP Policy Board in its 16th meeting held on 15th June 2015 approved the preferred bidders for Performance Based Management Contracts.


The Health Department, through open competitive bidding awarded in 2015 the performance based management contracts with following private partners:

  • DHQ Badin with the Indus Hospital
  • Thatta and Sujawal (8 RHCs, 4 THQs and 1 DHQ) with MERF
  • District Malir, Karachi (24 BHU, 3 RHC, 5 MCH and 2 THQ) with HANDS
  • 20 various districts of Sindh (105 RHCs and 6 THQs) with Integrated Health Services (IHS)
  • Sindh Ambulance Service for District Thatta and Sujawal with Aman Foundation


The DHQ Badin Hospital is under operational phase. Whereas, the contract with HANDS and MERF had been extended for six (06) months from 18th August 2021 to 18th February 2022. The agreement with IHS has been terminated as of 2nd October 2021. The agreement with Aman Healthcare services auto-terminated in 2021.



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