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Consultative Sessions for "Malir Expressway Project"

As intimated in the second pre-bid meeting of Malir Expressway Project held on 02 March, 2018 at 3.00PM and to further address the queries of potential bidders, PPP Unit is organizing the consultative sessions as per following schedule.

Sr.No Session Details Date Time
1 Financial Consultative Session 06 March, 2018 11.00 am onwards
2 Legal Consultative Session 07 March, 2018 11.00 am onwards
3 Technical Consultative Session 08 March, 2018 11.00 am onwards

The bidders are requested to send the relevant members only for each session. To clarify further, financial team may only be sent for the financial sessions and like-wise.

Committee Room, PPP Unit
7th Floor, AK Lodhi Complex
Finance Department,
Sindh Secretariat, Karachi
Ph: 021-99222193

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