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Larkana Fruit & Vegetable Market - LFVM


Wholesale market is the most important link in the supply chain of any agricultural produce. However, poor logistics and infrastructure facilities due to congestion, human and vehicular traffic at Larkana with respect to wholesaling of fruits & vegetables have seriously restricted the development of this extremely high potential district. The existing wholesale market of Larkano is incapable of supporting the large trade volumes taking place during the peak season as the current physical structure has serious flaws in its design, size and location.

The Larkano wholesale market contributes vital role in the business of the area and is big due to geographical location of the district as Larkano lies on hub of Sindh Balochistan and Punjab routes or is infact gateway to the province of Balochistan; as such it bears the burden of many districts of Balochistan. Hundreds of tons of fruits and vegetables are brought daily to this wholesale market for the business purpose and such are distributed among different parts of the city which is corporation and also to other rural areas.

In the above background, Agriculture, Supply & Prices Department, Government of Sindh, is desirous of encouraging the establishment of this market at a new location, of a agriculture wholesale market catering for large scale buying and selling transactions involving primarily fruits and vegetables and also catering for wholesale dealing in a number of other horticulture products. The Procuring Agency also wishes to ensure that the new facility is developed and operated on international standards and should be able to not only overcome the existing pitfalls, but should also become a strong turning point in strengthening the entire supply chain of fruits and vegetables leading to expansion of the existing market and also improving the quality for investors entering the business of fruits and vegetables.


The PPP Policy Board, in its 19th meeting held on 24th June, 2016 ratified the Summary for CM dated 4th June 2015 for hiring of consultants for feasibility study of the Project and PDF funding


Presently, the feasibility study is being conducted by the transaction advisors. Upon completion of feasibility study, the project scope & structure would be determined.


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